Questions/ worries about getting no offered? post here

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Questions/ worries about getting no offered? post here

Postby NYstate » Fri Jul 05, 2013 5:57 am

This thread is for people who want to ask questions or express concerns PRIOR to getting no offered. The other thread is for people who HAVE BEEN no offered or advice and support for those people. Venture into that thread to ask questions or vent after you have been no offered.

Here are some examples from that thread. To my knowledge, none of the people quoted below have been offered or no offered yet. Don't want to start rumors that these people don't have jobs.

glitched wrote:Sorry to everyone here but thanks for the awesome advice. SA here with some questions.

How did your mid summer reviews go and do you think that is any indication?
Are any of you hard ip? Specifically patent lit/pros?
We're any of you at HYSCCN and does that even matter anymore for 3L job search?
Did your grades significantly improve or worsen 2L year, and do you think that matters?

glitched wrote:Also, what did you do that made you think you pissed off a partner, or made a partner not like you?

Summerz wrote:Are all no-offers equal? If you’re from HYS or one of the elite schools does a no-offer carry the same stigma? Maybe I missed it but I don’t believe any of the no-offer victims were from a T6ish school? Perhaps IRL it probably doesn’t matter, although it seems like it would.

Peyton wrote:
teabreeze wrote:This thread is making me paranoid about getting no-offered

I suppose that's the idea of this topic, prepare yourself with a backup plan (circle around to firms that also offered you an SA, network, etc.). I hope this thread doesn't just turn into a pity party.

Skye wrote:
TooOld4This wrote:Best of luck to everyone navigating this process right now.

Thumbs up to that! Seems like navigating is what we’ve been doing since day 1. LSAT, what school, the grades, then will I get a good SA and now we’re facing the “will I be offered” question mark. As rosy as things are now with all the wine-and-dine treatment, it’s clear things can go unexpectedly sideways in a hurry, I would love to hear what someone did to immediately and successfully bounce back from a no-offer. Was it luck, a great plan B, or what?

Now there is a thread for these pre- offer/no offer questions. Feel free to post as your anxiety builds over the next few weeks or months.

Good luck.

If you do get no offered: go here for help-


Edit: there is a reason for this distinction. Until last year ( I think) no one would even admit to being no offered on this forum. People were hiding and feeling ashamed, lost and alone. It was like getting no offered was a "stigma" as some SA said in a quoted post above. Once people started posting publicly, they found others in the same position. This gave people the support to come forward and talk about no offers. ( not sure we would have known much about the Winston& Strawn no- offers without that thread.) Having seen people get no offered, lathamed and stealthed, I think it is important to give people who are no offered their own space. ( this is different from the vale which is for any unemployed 3L or rising 3L)

At the same time, I understand people facing no offers have questions too. So ask/ discuss here if you want.


Posts: 1565
Joined: Thu Jan 31, 2013 1:44 am

Re: Questions/ worries about getting no offered? post here

Postby NYstate » Fri Jul 05, 2013 8:05 am

About the question on T6 schools. I've seen people no offered from HC and N. Not sure how it turned out but they were competing for jobs in a market with few job openings. The school fellowships might have helped them out.

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