Law schools with associates in Chicago (2013 ed.)

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Law schools with associates in Chicago (2013 ed.)

Postby stldood » Fri Mar 08, 2013 7:28 pm

I post on AutoAdmit all the time. This is my third year compiling associates in Chicago at major firms. You can see the thread here. I know some of you don't want to click through, but I don't think it's productive to just cut-and-paste all the stuff from there and put it here again. Among the highlights:

Among nine firms (Kirkland, Sidley, Mayer, Latham, Winston, Jones Day, Jenner, Skadden, Bartlit Beck), there are 1241 associates, -113 (or 8%) reduction since 2012, -206 (or 14%) reduction since 2011.

Top raw totals of associates: Northwestern 182, Chicago 178, Michigan 108, Harvard 105, Illinois 85, Notre Dame 54, DePaul 38, Kent 35, Loyola 35, GULC 32, WUSTL 30

Schools with big gains/losses in raw totals of associates in last year: Chicago +7, Stanford +6, Penn +5; Ohio State -5, Virginia -6, Wisconsin -6, John Marshall -6, Texas -6, Kent -7, Illinois -8, DePaul -8, NYU -9, Vanderbilt -9, Iowa -9, Northwestern -12

Highest % of associates as a percentage of graduating class for a handful of schools (this is not summer associate totals, but gives you a metric of how well the school fares that accounts for size; for instance, 178 total associates in Chicago, 200 in a graduating class, so 89% as the metric): Chicago 89%, Northwestern 66%, Illinois 38%, Notre Dame 31%, Michigan 29%, Harvard 18%, Loyola 16%, Iowa 14%, WUSTL 12%, DePaul 12%, Kent 12%, Minnesota 8%, Indiana 7%, Wisconsin 6%, John Marshall 3%

Gains and losses by category: I created four categories of schools.

Ivy-Plus (Yale, Harvard, Stanford, Chicago, Columbia, Penn, Cornell): +19 associates over '12

Chicago-Regional (DePaul, John Marshall, Kent, Loyola): -25 associates over '12

Big Ten (Michigan, Northwestern, Illinois, Iowa, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Indiana, Ohio State, Michigan State): -46 associates over '12

All others (61 schools): -48 associates over '12

Feel free to cut-and-paste data from the original findings and evaluate. Might be useful to pop some misconceptions about Chicago and placement.

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