1L Judicial Internship Interview/Followup question

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1L Judicial Internship Interview/Followup question

Postby Anonymous User » Fri Feb 01, 2013 2:52 am

I had an interview today with a federal district court judge. It was originally going to be in-person but she had it changed to a phone interview because of her schedule. I think the change had more to do with my convenience waiting around than anything. Anyway, I think the interview went well overall and at the end she asked me where I was in the process. I replied I had waited until receiving grades to send out my applications and that hers was my first interview She then said that she was just starting the process as well but hoped to make a decision very quickly, and that if I needed a decision before I heard from them to call them. I took this be the equivalent of "call us before you take another offer" with any other job.

I have one interview next week also with a district court judge and then one more the week after next. After the interview, I regretted not sharing that I have two interviews coming up when she asked where I was in the process. The judge I interviewed with today has had a very impressive career and I'd love to work for her.

So a few questions...

Thank you note for the interview...if I was initially contacted by email would email be okay for it?

If I send a thank you email, would it be okay to work in somehow that I have the other two interviews?

Whether or not I include a mention in the email, would it be a good idea to call before my next interview next Thursday and say, "I just wanted to followup and see if Judge X was close to reaching a decision. I have a couple interviews coming up, but Judge X is by far my first choice and it would be honor to work her."

Any thoughts?

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Re: 1L Judicial Internship Interview/Followup question

Postby fltanglab » Fri Feb 01, 2013 2:22 pm

What they meant was that if you get offered by the other judges and they give you a short deadline, you should call this judge up if you haven't heard from her yet. You don't have to call her before your interview.

Unlike clerkship offers, you can sit on internship offers no problem. But the idea is you likely don't want to get an offer from your second choice and not know if your first choice is going to offer you.

I bought thank you cards and sent those. But I'm very traditional. Under your logic if they contacted you first by phone you'd give them a thank-you call...

Why did you schedule your interviews so far apart? Too late now, but I would have scheduled them one after another.

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Re: 1L Judicial Internship Interview/Followup question

Postby dsb83 » Fri Feb 01, 2013 5:00 pm

Thanks. That helps some. The interviews were scheduled so far apart, because it was the earliest each judge could do one. The judge that's two weeks out left for two weeks for an out of state trial. The other just offered late next week.

The reason why I'm hung up on if to contact her before the other interviews is I've received conflicting information on if it's acceptable to tell a judge "no" or request time to consider an offer. Several people have told me that if you're offered and internship, you have to take it, especially with a federal judges. One of the justifications is that it makes the school look bad. I've heard from others, that this etiquette really only applies with clerkships and it would be okay to ask for a little bit of time or say no. Those with this view say that it's the reneging that is really an issue.

I decided to go with a hand written thank you card.

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Re: 1L Judicial Internship Interview/Followup question

Postby dsb83 » Fri Feb 01, 2013 5:02 pm

...forgot the anonymous reply....oh well. Hello Section.

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