Would this be stupid? (Q for recruiters, maybe.)

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Would this be stupid? (Q for recruiters, maybe.)

Postby Anonymous User » Tue Jun 26, 2012 4:17 pm

So, I'm a recent graduate, and I've been sending out my resume and a cover letter to handfuls of firms at a time (don't ask why I'm doing this at this time of year, after graduation - I know it's stupid, but I'm in a bit of a situation).

One of the firms, a month or so ago, e-mailed me back literally one hour after receiving my materials to say, we can't interview you right now (a form rejection). It was from a generic recruiting e-mail address (as I'd sent my things to a recruiter).

Since, I've made vast improvements in my resume. Looking back, it had been looking pretty awful for while, and although my grades and law school activities are really, really good, I had everything set up so that I looked kind of like a moron. But now - it's better. And, recently, I've gotten to know someone that can vouch for me at this firm.

The Q: do I let the partner, a new-ish contact, vouch for me, or does this make us both look really dumb? Do recruiters remember their rejections? Is my old resume still on file? Or is it all long forgotten, and if I re-send my new resume after having been vouched for, I may actually be considered? That sort of thing.

I would really, really appreciate any advice!


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Re: Would this be stupid? (Q for recruiters, maybe.)

Postby jstr00az » Tue Jun 26, 2012 10:47 pm

Probably no one remembers your earlier resume. I t may be filed away in an HR file for legal reasons. Apply again, have partner vouch for you. The vouching will do more for you than your crappy resume, which is just a way to get the convo going during your interview anyway.

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