Question about interning w/ Senior U.S. District Judge

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Question about interning w/ Senior U.S. District Judge

Postby LOLyer » Wed Apr 04, 2012 11:58 pm

I might have a chance to intern with one, but it would be in a town that I have no connection to. Money is a very important issue with me, as I pay for all of my school expenses myself. Is it worth spending all the additional money (and paying rent at my school apartment)?

To give you an idea of how I prioritize things: I would gladly take out additional loans to intern with an active federal judge in a town that I had no connection to, but I turned down an internship with a state judge in the same scenario. Would an internship with a senior federal district judge be worth taking out extra loans for?

For purposes of this, assume that this is my only option for my 1L summer. The internships are all unpaid, naturally.


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Richie Tenenbaum

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Re: Question about interning w/ Senior U.S. District Judge

Postby Richie Tenenbaum » Thu Apr 05, 2012 12:03 am

Does anyone in your CSO know anything about the judge? Senior judges can be more hit or miss. Some have a fairly steady course docket, some don't do too many cases. I would try to find to find out more before making any decisions. (But if you don't think you can find any other legal work for the summer--then I would take it regardless.)


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Re: Question about interning w/ Senior U.S. District Judge

Postby lawschoolftw » Thu Apr 05, 2012 10:32 am

It's not worth it, not b/c it's a senior judge. Honestly, your 1L summer (especially if you're going to intern with a judge) will make little to no difference in your future legal prospects (minus wanting to be a PD/ADA then you want to start showing an interest) as long as you're doing something legal. Take a legal job wherever you do not have to take out more loans if money is that important to you.

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