Manhattan DA 2L Summer References

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Manhattan DA 2L Summer References

Postby Anonymous User » Wed Feb 08, 2012 1:57 am

I guess this is the same regardless for 1L or 2L summer internships with them, but I've got an interview with them coming up and I've been considering who to list as references. I've noticed on the page it says it should be someone who can speak to your legal work and they prefer work references to academic. I've got one professor lined up who I think will be solid and my current boss at my internship now who I know will vouch for me, the issue is for my 3rd the natural choice would be the professor I was an RA for my first summer. The problem is, while she liked my work she felt I worked a bit slow (granted she was slow in assigning the work and getting back with revisions and such herself but I guess that's no excuse, though the other intern had received the same criticism from her as I did, bu I digress). Needless to say, I can and am seriously considering doing the old "I'd really love to have you as a reference and this is extremely important to me do you think you'd be able to do it" route but I'm worried that she may say yes and obviously still not be a great reference.

My point is, she is the only other good legal work option I have as I'm a 2L and have only had 2 internships including the externship I'm doing right now. My next potential reference would be from my old job at a large investment bank in NY where I know would give me a great work reference and can definitely speak to my abilities that would carry over to a prosecutorial position but obviously can't speak at all to my performance with legal work (in the interest of full disclosure though, the professor I worked with was doing very interdisciplinary work to say the least, none of my research for him was legally related at all, it was basically like writing glorified book reports on historical accounts).

So yea, if anyone would have any idea/experience with the Manhattan DA (would be awesome if any former/current interns had applied and provided a non-legal reference and know if that flies) and could share any insight, including general advice what to expect from the summer position interview, I'd greatly appreciate it.


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