Timeline for getting SA positions

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Timeline for getting SA positions

Postby Anonymous User » Sat Jan 07, 2012 4:55 pm

1L here who has a potential Biglaw SA interview. I'll have a better idea of the "potentialness" of the interview in 5-6 days. Got this mainly through insane networking all semester long and I want to gauge how many spots are left open at this point, so I have a question about the general timeline of SA offers. (Haven't gotten my grades back yet btw, but my mentor at this firm is going to look at them when they come out - yeah, not nerve-shattering at all.)

Generally, how many spots are open at Biglaw firms for 1Ls by early-mid January? I know 5 current 2Ls who got SA offers last year, when they were 1Ls, after their grades came out in January. They had no pre-law/family connections, they just networked like crazy during their 1L fall semester. So that indicates to me that there are generally still spots open - but can anyone tell me what percentage are available in general? And by what time of the spring semester are these 1L SAs snapped up?

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