How strong are my ties?

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Anonymous User
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Re: How strong are my ties?

Postby Anonymous User » Sat Dec 17, 2011 5:45 pm

flcath wrote:
Guchster wrote:
flcath wrote:
Or you can opt for the potentially-hilarious route, and hire a GFE escort to pretend to be your fiance during the SA social event.


I will do this regardless if I have a gf or not to impress everyone.


Be sure to hire an escort that works a different part of the city; otherwise like half the partners at the event will recognize her.

LOL. Funny because it's true.

BTW, until I finished reading OP's post, I thought he was asking about neckties and wondered why there weren't pictures. Clearly I just finished with finals.

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Gecko of Doom

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Re: How strong are my ties?

Postby Gecko of Doom » Sat Dec 17, 2011 5:51 pm

kalvano wrote:Knock up the hiring partner's daughter. That would be a pretty strong tie, plus an incentive to see that you get a good-paying job.


Absolutely TCR.


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Re: How strong are my ties?

Postby dreakol » Sat Dec 17, 2011 10:18 pm

c3pO4 wrote:
Anonymous User wrote:I went to high school in the South. I do have family in each of these places, I just assumed that familial ties were pretty weak.

they are. bid nyc. i have friends who regret not doing that. and I don't mean "as a backup." Just bid nyc.

edit: these are litearlly the only ties that matter:

--you spent your childhood in a 30 mile radius of the city
--you went to middle school and high school there
--you went to college there OR you went to college somewhere else and returned to work for a couple years
--your parents family and friends are all there
--you root for those sports teams and have all your life
--you may not go to law school there, but you went to the best school you could and you intend to go back.

unless that describes your ties to SF/LA/Chi/DC, do not bother outside of whatever the elite grade cutoff would be at your school. basically there is a certain gpa from certain schools where you won't need ties for these markets. outside that gpa, ties will be key and only a combination of most or all of the above wil work.



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