Too late for a big law job?

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Re: Too late for a big law job?

Postby tyro » Fri Oct 14, 2011 5:34 pm

If she's at UW-M or OSU she should try to get some resumes out to the Northeast, Texas, and Cali. These are basically the only regions (from what I've read) that don't have like 90 applicants for one single open slot.

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Re: Too late for a big law job?

Postby Anonymous User » Fri Oct 14, 2011 5:39 pm

Grizz wrote:
Anonymous User wrote:It's really hard to watch her go through this. The big law interview is messing with her head.

My wife was very clear-headed about her job prospects, and knew she wasn't big law caliber. She applied anyway (she is applying to every job she finds), and got the interview. She knew she wasn't going to get the job when she went through the first round of phone interviews, and was really surprised to make the final cut. Again, she was just proud she made it that far. When she went into the big interview (30 minutes with each of 5 partners), she got a taste of what working there would be like. She really liked everyone she met and the firm is closer than 1 mile from where we're moving next year. Now she's bummed and it's hard to know that she's going to have to settle for something much less savory.

It's really unlikely that whoever was chosen would turn down the job this late in the game. She was so close to her dream job. I know this isn't a profession to be soft in, and she isn't, but it's hard for me to watch her go through this. She didn't want me to post on her behalf, but I'm just trying to get some advice that I can pass along to her.

It's extra tough on her because she's had interviews with much smaller law firms and didn't even make the second round. She has had 5 interviews total in the past month or two, so I hope that is a good sign at least. She's probably applied to 50+ firms and will continue to apply like crazy.

Dude this is insane. Advice? Move the fuck on and keep applying. Quit harping over this job. She didn't get it on the first go, and she may not get off the alternate list. Accept that. Do you know how many people don't get their first choice? Jaysus. Have you seen the legal market? Just getting ANYTHING is good. Just the other day I read on here about someone going 15 second round interviews with no offer. This is the most asinine thing I have read all day.

Did it make you feel good to write that? She is "moving the fuck on" but I think her situation would be frustrating to anyone. Well, apparently not you.


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Re: Too late for a big law job?

Postby BeenDidThat » Fri Oct 14, 2011 5:56 pm

Keep pushing on apps to biglaw. If I were her, I'd sell the hell out of being trilingual.

Also look into gov't (I know they don't hire a ton) as well as state level clerkships.

Things are tough right now, but that's a solid resume. As someone several posts ago said, it only takes one.

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Re: Too late for a big law job?

Postby Grizz » Fri Oct 14, 2011 6:44 pm

Anonymous User wrote:Did it make you feel good to write that? She is "moving the fuck on" but I think her situation would be frustrating to anyone. Well, apparently not you.

Yeah it's frustrating, but what does dwelling on this get you? Precisely nothing. Move on. Keep applying. At this point, no, you're not too good for just ANY legal job. Whether it uses her language experience or not. It is HORRIFIC out there, and I just don't think you're getting that.


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Re: Too late for a big law job?

Postby boaltrising3l » Sat Oct 15, 2011 11:00 am

OP, you should be grateful that your wife was rejected from the job, being married to someone in Biglaw would be a nightmare. Biglaw firms have notorious problems for not being able to retain women because you cannot be a good mother and do the job (for that matter I don't think you can be a good father and do the job). A lot of parents in my community were involved in Biglaw and were either divorced or absentee parents.

You should encourage your wife to look for employment which will still allow you to have a healthy relationship, there are things more important than income, namely your marriage.

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