Exit Options between two mid-size firms

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Exit Options between two mid-size firms

Postby Anonymous User » Thu Sep 15, 2011 4:18 pm

Current offers:
1. Small/Mid size firm that does professional liability defense, business lit for small/mid size businesses, insurance defense, labor law. Some appellate lit, though it has no department devoted to it.
2. Small/Mid size firm that does exclusively class action for consumer products (plaintiff side). Very minor amounts of appellate lit. (I'm concerned about the effect of AT&T v. Concepcion on the long term stability of this firm.)

Basically, I wouldn't mind working at either of the above firms for a few years, but not interested enough to make a career there.

Medium-term goal: Lateral to a solidly mid-size firm. Ideally would like to do appellate litigation, but i know this is really hard to get. I'm not a US citizen, so getting a clerkship is going to be particularly difficult, so assume that I won't have/get a clerkship. More realistically, would like to practice business and corporate litigation in a larger context (mid size businesses). Wouldn't mind going in-house at a small/midsize business either, if that were an option.

Didn't get any biglaw offers, so I don't want to hear comparisons to how much better biglaw exit options are. Assume these two firms are the universe, and please give advice relative to each. Thank you.

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