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Stanford Class Rank

Postby Anonymous User » Tue Aug 16, 2011 9:13 pm

I've noticed a lot of SLS rising 2Ls coming on here, posting their bid list and estimating a class rank. Fair enough. As a member of the SLS Class of 2012, I'd like to remind the class of 2013 that generally speaking, we are lucky not to have class rank at Stanford. But nevertheless, a few of my classmates and I who to each other have acknowledged posting on here took some time last year to guess how we think class ranks shake out at the end of the first year. Disclaimers: (1) this is guess work, (2) yes, we are nerdy, (3) I am open to suggestions on how to tweak. That is actually why I am even posting. The bottom line is that the TLS community is probably interested in this, even if lots of our SLSers aren't. Kept this anon since this is sort of based on our personal experiences.

So our guess (numbers are percentiles):

13 Hs: 99-100 (1-2 students)
12 Hs: 97-99 (3-4 students)
11 Hs: 93-96 (5-6 students)
10 Hs: 89-93 (7 or so)
9 Hs: 83-88
8 Hs: 75-82
7 Hs: 67-75
6 Hs: 59-66
5 Hs: 50-58
4 Hs: 42-49
3 Hs: 34-41
2 Hs: 23-33
1 H: 13-21
0 Hs: Bottom 13 percent

In general, we felt like there were more Hs than the school let on. But I'd love to hear critiques of this.

As for Book Prizes, we felt even more uncertain here, but for what it is worth...

8 or more book prizes: 1 person
6 or 7 book prizes: 3 people
5 book prizes: 4 people
4 book prizes: 5 people
3 book prizes: 7 people
2 book prizes: 10 people
1 book prize: 20 people

That adds up to about 128 book prizes. From the core 1L classes (Crim Law, Civ Pro, Ks, Torts, LRW, Con Law, Property, Fed Lit), there should have been 94 book prizes awarded (104 if people count Fed Lit twice). So this takes into consideration the others that students can win in their winter and spring electives. Also means 20 students win 3 or more book prizes, which is equal to the number of students listed above as earning 10 or more Hs. One of my friends thinks that it was more like 10 people with three or more book prizes and 30+ with one.

Anyway, have at it. Thankfully, my friends and I are done with this nonsense (the firm nonsense, at least...bring on clerkships :)), but I had this on my computer, so wanted to post for the rest.

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Re: Stanford Class Rank

Postby Anonymous User » Tue Jul 24, 2012 7:37 pm

thoughts from SLSers on whether this is accurate?

Anonymous User
Posts: 313028
Joined: Tue Aug 11, 2009 9:32 am

Re: Stanford Class Rank

Postby Anonymous User » Tue Jul 24, 2012 7:40 pm

I doubt that anyone really is getting 8 book prizes out of 13 classes, although it may be possible. I bet the spread is much more like the 10 people with 3+ book prizes, 30+ with 1.

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