Where to find firms' offer rates from callbacks

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Where to find firms' offer rates from callbacks

Postby nymario » Fri Aug 12, 2011 5:54 pm

Is there a good resource to figure out which firms give offers 50%+ of their callbacks vs. the ones that give 10-20% etc...?

I did a search and all I could come up with is people posting their individual success rates at firms. I'm sure it varies by school -- but using school placement data doesn't help me because it doesn't tell me how many students get callbacks (and by extension, doesn't tell me how many people are declining offers).


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Re: Where to find firms' offer rates from callbacks

Postby OnceUponAMemo » Fri Aug 12, 2011 5:58 pm

Your school should have something that keeps track, but that is unlikely to be public info I would think. If wrong, I would love to be corrected and get data from more than just my school.

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