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Help/advice needed

Postby Anonymous User » Sat Jun 18, 2011 5:11 am

After 1L, I am bottom 30% of my class (at a T2). My school has good regional presence/alumni base.

I have decided not to drop out and stay. However, I am terrified because I know I won't be able to get a 2L SA gig at a firm.

What should I focus on to improve my chances at getting a job 2L summer and after graduation? I was fortunate enough to get a SA gig at firm (am currently working). I have been networking my ass off but not sure how far that can take me. My firm is known not to give out 2L offers or job offers after 1L summer.

I'd appreciate any advice.

I like to remain anonymous.


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Re: Help/advice needed

Postby blsingindisguise » Sat Jun 18, 2011 10:10 am

One thing that may help you is to make sure that you do internships/work during law school (and summers obv) and do a REALLY GOOD JOB in those internships, and be friendly with people. Put in extra effort, take on extra assignments and knock them out of the park. Be friendly with people. This may not lead to a job, but it can lead to a good reference/recommendation for a job. People I know with less than stellar grades who got jobs often did so by endearing themselves to employers.

I'd also think about taking courses in areas of law that are more likely to hire students with less than amazing grades. Big firm corporate work is probably out -- not that you shouldn't take corp finance or M&A if they interest you -- but stuff like labor law, family law, products liability, immigration is going to be more open to you. CALIing a class in an area you want to work in might help -- I know one guy with mediocre grades who said that helped him get a job.

Why do you think you did so poorly?

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