Studying Abroad as a 3L + post-grad job search

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Studying Abroad as a 3L + post-grad job search

Postby dolcevita11 » Mon Mar 21, 2011 1:22 pm

I signed up to study abroad as a first semester 3L, but I currently don't have a permanent job for after graduation. I'm looking into the public interest market - currently in good standing @ Cornell Law.

Is this a bad idea in terms of the job search? This past year, I only had 1 interview in the Fall, for a job that I did not get.

How does the 3L/permanent job search differ from searching for an internships for 1L and 2L summer?

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Re: Studying Abroad as a 3L + post-grad job search

Postby Anonymous User » Tue Mar 22, 2011 8:09 am

I semi went through the 3L public interest job search (i.e. did lots of fellowship applications, but then got a clerkship first) and will be doing the public interest job search take 2 next year.

It sort of depends on the kind of public interest jobs you are looking at. The Skadden and the EJW fellowships both have September/October deadlines, and most government honors program applications are due September/October/early November. Submitting your applications for these kinds of jobs from abroad would be fine, but interviewing would probably be harder, since I'm not sure if those organizations would be excited about doing phone interviews. Also, if you are thinking of applying for clerkships, that will occur early in the fall too.

There are a decent number of smaller fellowships with November/December/January deadlines though (like many of the Georgetown fellowships). Also, public defender and prosecutor offices often hire later, though the offices with the most established entry-level programs often interview in the fall. Most of the more random openings, like entry level staff attorney positions, come available in the spring, though I'd caution that these are quite rare these days, since few organizations have funding to hire outside of established fellowships.

I personally probably would not go abroad in the fall while on the public interest market. Public interest jobs are really competitive, especially right now, so most people have to apply pretty broadly to obtain one. Missing opportunities for some of the largest fellowships/honors programs in the fall would be unfortunate. If you are really committed to being a public defender or a prosecutor though, I guess it might not matter as much, although you would still be missing out on interviewing for some places.

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