ITE, pros and cons of being a 1L summer Research Assistant

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ITE, pros and cons of being a 1L summer Research Assistant

Postby eth3n » Sun Jan 31, 2010 6:39 pm

I've looked at some of the older threads. Consider my chances at 1L firm job nonexistent. Basically low chance with judges (at this point), medium-low chance with gov (some upcoming interviews).

I got a really good grade in one class, and I know the professor (academic ref, etc etc), should I ask him about research assistants? I have heard everything from its good experience (plus a few bucks) to it being a kiss of death on a resume. ITE, should I consider this before hitting up all the PI legal clinics and law centers out there (assuming I don't get the gov jobs I prefer)?

Any thoughts? Pros/Cons? (money isnt a huge issue here, thinking future employment)


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Re: ITE, pros and cons of being a 1L summer Research Assistant

Postby BobSacamano » Sun Jan 31, 2010 9:49 pm

I'm doing the RA thing this summer. I don't really know why it would be a "resume killer," other than the fact that you aren't actually in a law office for the summer. Still, your 1L summer isn't going to make or break your career unless you don't do anything legal at all. Here's how I made my decision:

- Great for a recommendation
- Get to know a professor (they're interesting people, usually)
- Paid
- Can dress casually every day
- Flexible hours
- Location (YMMV - for me, it's much easier to get to my school than any of the law offices downtown)
- Potentially interesting topic

- Don't get the law office experience
- Don't get to make connections in the legal community
- No internship credit

For me, it was a very easy choice. It was either unpaid internship + crap job at night or RA.

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