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Job Search Issues

Postby Anonymous User » Fri Jan 15, 2010 4:26 pm

I'm a 3L that is little below median at a top 25 school. I'm interested in getting a prosecution job in Ohio after graduation but I do have several questions. My law school is not in Ohio but geographically nearby. Eventually, I want to do white collar prosecution work. Yet I know it would take many years if I get there. I am not opposed to that.

First, should I pick up part time work while or before I am looking legal employment? Prosecutor's offices tend not to hire until after applicants pass the bar. Plus, it is unlikely that I would be hired immediately or within a few months after getting results in November. I plan on taking out a bar study loan, but I would like to stretch things out as far as possible. However, doing that would limit my networking opportunities. Plus my boyfriend and I are currently looking to take a post-graduation vacation. One, a part-time job would help finance that. Two, I would have to wait until after graduation to start or get time off. A part time job might also interfere with bar study. Given limited employment around ITE, is it worth it? My debt load will be under 100k even without working (living expenses, bar study, expensive 1L summer and medical incidents [still cheaper than insurance because of a pre-existing condition] funded by loans). However the money could be used to repay loans or provide a longer time to look for the job I want. I do not want to shoot myself in the foot if I would have been able to find the job I wanted but had to work instead. So I'm waffling.

Second, I have a political issue. Because of a death in the family, I took the first criminal law related job (at the local PD) rather than looking for a prosecutor's job my 2L summer. I tend to be quite liberal (outside criminal law) and my resume reflects that (Allied treasurer for gay rights, feminist society, etc.). Prosecution offices tend to be quite conservative. How do I convince a prosecutor's office that I want to work for them when my resume might reflect otherwise without getting into too much information? Should I leave off the liberal stuff unless I held a leadership position? Should I filter that decision by county (i.e. leave it on for Democrats and take it off for Republicans)?

Third, should I just contact people in the various counties in Ohio? Prosecutors are not well-known for advertising job opportunities and I'm not exactly in a great position to uncover them at the moment. I'd prefer to have a more natural relationship come about but finding a live, relevant CLE to attend has been difficult so far. I do have one contact but it would be unlikely that he would be aware of opportunities outside of his county.

Ohio, I would perceive, is a bit difficult to crack into given the law schools and the economy but it is the most likely market where my boyfriend will end up. Yet he's attending different grad program at my school and won't be out for a year after I am. His program could take him various places across the US. Waiting for him to choose would be impossible due to bar exams being expensive and character and fitness being time consuming. I want to try and make that work, and I would be happy in Ohio anyway (well minus the obvious break-up unhappiness). My personal ties are not as strong though and I cannot even say I am following him. My school is geographically nearby though. If he happens to get a job somewhere else and I am unemployed, I could follow him. How should I handle the "why here?" question?

Any other constructive advice or input would be appreciated if it is not a flame. I think I have went on long enough, but I will provide more (non-identifying) information if needed.


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Re: Job Search Issues

Postby gglr24 » Fri Jan 15, 2010 4:35 pm

I was too lazy to digest the whole novel, but I would recommend leaving off your liberal activities, especially if you are concerned about it. That stuff can only hurt you. I generally like to stay away from any political vibe during the job search.


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Re: Job Search Issues

Postby Renzo » Sat Jan 16, 2010 1:07 pm

That was a long post, so I skimmed. But from what I skimmed, I cannot imagine you would be happy doing local prosecutorial work, and that's what I would think if I were evaluating you for a prosecutorial job. You'll need to fix this before you apply.


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Re: Job Search Issues

Postby smalltown » Sat Jan 16, 2010 1:35 pm

I don't think liberal always has to mean that you can't be a good prosecutor. Have you done any work or advocacy for prisoners' rights or anti death penalty or things like that? Those would be a red flag to me. There doesn't seem to be a straight line between working for the rights of under-represented people and being a convict coddler, though. But are you completely averse to being a PD? Sounds like you could have a chance at that. And are there any adjuncts walking around your school who would know of a place that's hiring?

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