Should Fordham Law be Sued for Fraud?

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Re: Should Fordham Law be Sued for Fraud?

Postby thesealocust » Tue Jul 21, 2009 1:17 am

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Re: Should Fordham Law be Sued for Fraud?

Postby cbreault » Tue Jul 21, 2009 12:11 pm


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Re: Should Fordham Law be Sued for Fraud?

Postby Capercaillie » Tue Jul 21, 2009 12:19 pm



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Re: Should Fordham Law be Sued for Fraud?

Postby uknowme » Thu Jul 23, 2009 2:15 am

OperaSoprano wrote:
Helmholtz wrote:
neskerdoo wrote:
Helmholtz wrote:On a related note, Ohio Northern only had 3% of their grads report their salary information and the median was still only $58,000.

Poor Ohio Northern.

are you serious? wow...

According to USNWR, yep. From what I've seen that's about the worst. God only knows what those other 97% are up to.

This is truly frightening. I have to say that Kohinoor is right, though. If I can figure out how to do actual, real research about the school I'll be attending, anyone can. No PhD in aerospace engineering required. I don't have "all" the information, and I certainly would like to see it. However, I do have enough information to paint a reasonable picture of employment prospects at my school. As Nitsudrx pointed out, Fordham is far more transparent than most. I don't believe anyone should rely entirely on school statistics, though. Facts need to be cross referenced and checked. That's where alumni contact becomes useful. I've talked to a number of current and former students, and gotten a range of opinions about the school. One of the most glowing reports comes from a current Fordham undergraduate, who works for the school 40 hours a week, and takes classes at night. She told me point blank that she wants nothing more than to get into the law school. I asked her, jokingly, if she'd be tired of Fordham by then, since most people crave variety. She thought I was insane. I probably am, but not for the reasons suggested. :lol:

Alumni have been remarkably helpful and honest, including the '04 alumnus I dated briefly. He graduated in the top 5% of his class (I'm almost certain of it, given the V10 firm that hired him, though he was too modest to tell me anything more). There are various legends circulating about him, including one in which he declined a transfer to Columbia. I hope I'll have as much success, and as much loyalty.

The moral of this story: Fordham is what I'd hoped it would be. Nothing should be taken at face value, though. The best and most transparent claims still need to be researched. I did so, and was satisfied.

It's easy for you to stick up for Fordham. I mean, aren't you planning on doing no-pay charity work anyway? Of course you don't care if the median salary is $160k for private practice. It had little to no impact upon your decision. But for some greedy folk, myself included, this is important. I'm not going into law to help people. I want a penthouse jacuzzi.

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Re: Should Fordham Law be Sued for Fraud?

Postby James Bond » Thu Jul 23, 2009 2:28 am

danquayle wrote:
neskerdoo wrote:
OperaSoprano wrote:
The notoriety may actually help her career, if curious employers elect to call her in for an interview.


Its actually probably true. Its also what they said for that Suffolk Law grad... most of you have probably already seen this, but if not: ... na-abdala/

That link is the tits :lol:

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Re: Should Fordham Law be Sued for Fraud?

Postby blondie » Thu Jul 23, 2009 2:44 am

jayzon wrote:With 100% reporting, median is 50%. With 13% not reporting, median is 37% -- a HUGE difference.



With 13% not reporting, median is 43.5%, not 37%.

I realize jayzon wrote this all the way back on page 2 and that this was probably just a careless mistake, but the fact that no one had pointed it out even though it was quoted 600 times was getting annoying.

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Re: Should Fordham Law be Sued for Fraud?

Postby danquayle » Fri Jul 24, 2009 6:47 am

Well, when the talk turns the genitalia and anuses... well thats always my cue to leave the thread...

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