GW Early Decision - What numbers?

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Re: GW Early Decision - What numbers?

Postby interestedbyestander » Sat Nov 15, 2008 7:19 pm

Doesn't sound all that impressive to me, but you never know for sure until you apply.

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Re: GW Early Decision - What numbers?

Postby RVP11 » Sat Nov 15, 2008 7:29 pm

goosey wrote:
jsporter wrote:
goosey wrote:wow this is interesting.
So do you guys think that splitters have a chance at ED???

Without great softs, probably not. Very few schools give anything approaching a full ride to someone below one of the 25th percentiles. Even WUSTL, a very generous school for most people with 170+, only seems to give 60k for people below the 25th, 90k for those at or above it, and full ride (120k) for those above the median.

It's what makes splitters attractive in a way - a splitter can bring a great LSAT score and the school doesn't have to include merit $ to get them to attend, unlike someone who is above both 75th percentiles.

would two internships with state senators(2 different state senators) be great softs? I mean...guaranteed the gpa will be below the 25th. But lsat I am hoping would be above the 75th.

IDK. From all I've seen on LSN, great softs can help you get accepted instead of waitlisted, or waitlisted instead of rejected, but merit scholarships seem to be given out very strategically to get top students (in terms of GPA and LSAT) that probably would not otherwise attend. Full scholarships in the T25 seem extremely rare unless the person is above both 75th percentiles.

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