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C&F Adendum Help/Chances

Postby YoungToro » Sat Nov 30, 2019 7:08 am

Hi All,

I have a basic chance me question with a major black mark. I am planning on applying to Vanderbilt ED next fall. I only have a 3.31 UGPA (TOP 25 private) and a 172 LSAT score. I am currently working as a paralegal at a BigLaw firm and do probono work both in the inner city where I live, and for KIND (kids in need of defense).

The mark is that in the fall of my junior year, I made the single greatest mistake I could have in my life. I was cited for plagiarism that "affects a slight portion of an assignment where the source is not cited." Due to the circumstances and my explanation the university only issued me a reprimand (there is nothing on my record), but the professor failed me. I will make note of this head on in every application I put out, but I am questioning whether or not I'll even get in to the schools that would normally be in my range. It is clear I have made the most horrible mistake of my life in committing this act that goes against every ounce of morality and integrity that I have grown up with. I owned what happened immediately, explained how it came to be, and accepted any and all punishments the school and professor deemed necessary. This failure still eats at me more than two years later. I feel like I have not only failed myself and lost any sort of respect I had earned from my professors, but failed my family who did everything to put me through school. I learned from that mistake in so many ways. That experience forced me to re-evaluate everything, to change my habits, seek improvement, and ensure that the person I am becoming is someone I am proud of. I reached out to the professor after I graduated to thank them, because I truly believe that they gave me the most valuable knowledge I could ask for, and I have spent the last two years proving that mark is not representative of who I am.

The people who will write my letters of recommendation know what I did, they will attest to my honesty, integrity, maturity, and work ethic. But is it even worth it to apply ED to Vanderbilt anymore? Given that they give $105,000 to every student accepted ED, I can't imagine they'd look at me twice when so many students have similar (or better) stats and aren't cheaters. Would I even have a chance at any other T-30s? What should I do? I am completely crushed and as disappointed in myself now as I was when I realized what I had done 2 years ago. I am considering working with a group like Spivey or Ann Ivey as this is truly my dream. Any advice you have is greatly appreciated. Thanks

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