"Incomplete transcript" mystery: can the Brits help?

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"Incomplete transcript" mystery: can the Brits help?

Postby iar » Mon Dec 03, 2018 1:47 pm

Hi everyone!

LSAC won't process my transcripts from my British degree granting institution because they say that the transcript is "incomplete". Having spoken to them 3 times, they can't seem to tell me why. They just keep repeating phrases from the letter I received.. "not complete", "not a full record".

My University's registry sends numerous transcripts all over the place every day. Of course, they may have made an error (and I'm trying to find this out now).. but it seems unlikely. They previously sent transcripts to me (all complete) and my graduate schools (all complete).

Have any British applicants encountered this before? Is there an obvious reason LSAC don't "like" these transcripts? Do they want to certificate too?


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Re: "Incomplete transcript" mystery: can the Brits help?

Postby NoseTackle » Thu Dec 27, 2018 12:46 am

I did my masters in a G5 and LSAC processed it fine. It's just shown as "foreign school" on the report. I physically went to the record office to request it and made sure it was the transcript the LSAC wanted. My school initially refused to offer me tracking, but after I complained, they provided me with the info. [redacted]

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