Chances/GRE vs. LSAT: Current Grad Student

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Chances/GRE vs. LSAT: Current Grad Student

Postby shannonnoelani » Sat Jun 23, 2018 4:52 pm

So, like many others I have a lot of concerns regarding the choice between submitting GRE scores or taking the LSAT. Here is a basic outline of my current situation:

-Current master's student at Harvard
-Undergrad GPA: 3.7 (small private liberal arts school)
-Graduating with master's spring 2019, intending to matriculate into law school fall 2019
-Very interested in attending Georgetown Law
-GRE scores: Verbal 97th percentile; Quantitative 35th percentile (yes, THIRTY FIFTH. ya girl is not exactly a math prodigy.); 5.5/6 writing

I have been studying for the LSAT, but not nearly with the kind of rigor I would like. I am participating in an intensive summer language program in Spanish for my current degree program, the demands of which have prevented me from really throwing myself into LSAT prep.

Any insight, *especially* from people who have been accepted to law school with GRE's, would be appreciated greatly. Also, please weigh in on whether you think a very low Q score could be cause for rejection. Help me with my life. Thank you.

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