What to do? Questions about summer & gap year...

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What to do? Questions about summer & gap year...

Postby stressedandconfused » Fri May 25, 2018 12:55 am

Hey everyone! I just found this forum in my frantic google searching and I'm so grateful I did.

Some background for the question at foot: I am a rising senior at UC Berkeley (studying English), graduating May 2019. I transferred from a community college (and I took an extra year, totally 5 years in college. I'm glad I did or else I would not have found my path). I decided that I would like to pursue law school, but I'm not sure what type of law I would like to do. As much as I love Law & Order: SVU, I do know that I would prefer not to be in a courtroom setting, so no criminal law for me.

Now that I am in my hometown for the summer, I am not entirely sure what I should do with my time considering my plans. I intend to take a gap year after graduating in order to focus on the LSAT and preparing for it, as well as hopefully gaining some real-world experience (perhaps working in the law field as an intern, or just a job that relates to my major and/or that could provide advantages going into law school/law). I have applied to a retail job, and have an interview scheduled for it. Should I split my time over this summer with this job and familiarizing myself with the LSAT? Should I forgo the job and focus more on the LSAT?

In my gap year, would it be best to prioritize the LSAT and studying for it over a job? Should I work a job whilst studying for the LSAT?

Any & all advice is greatly appreciated. TIA!

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Re: What to do? Questions about summer & gap year...

Postby jjdude14 » Fri May 25, 2018 3:43 pm

So it sounds like you're looking to enter law school in 2020 if I'm reading this correctly.

The short answer to your question is that you should literally do whatever you want in the time remaining (of which you have ample). If I were you I would definitely work while studying for the LSAT. I worked 40 hrs/week at a non-demanding job and was able to study for the LSAT after work and on weekends. That way, you can have some income for whatever and I personally think that studying for the LSAT au lieu de having a job/something else to do is a recipe for burnout.

Hopefully you're senior year coursework isn't too heavy. I studied heavily the summer before my senior year and took the September and December tests (with much lighter studying during the school year). I think it'd be good to shoot for the new July 2019 test date. That way you have a little time after graduation to really practice. At this point that also gives you over a year to study which you probably won't need.

The summer after you graduate you can work on crafting your applications and then submit them right when they open up. As for how to spend your gap year, that's completely up to you. Don't worry about doing something that is specifically law related, I would definitely suggest trying to get a flexible job. It'll be nice to have some income and flexibility, you'll need it for ASWs and moving expenses.

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