graduating early; need advice

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graduating early; need advice

Postby Ru55e115p4r4d0x » Thu May 10, 2018 12:32 am

The context:
- planning on doing an honors thesis regardless of when I graduate
- rising sophomore at nyu, parents paying approx 66k a year without loans
- parents are a bit tight on funds because they're moving
- philosophy major/physics minor
- 3.9 gpa
- I have enough credits from AP classes to graduate a year early
- 161 cold diagnostic lsat

The scenarios:

1) If I graduate early, I'll have to do my LSAT prep during this summer in conjunction with a part-time internship (will probably take the September LSAT). I'm also planning on getting an internship next summer, but will be juggling that with a significant amount of thesis research/writing in order not to get overwhelmed in senior year with combined load of all upper-division classes/thesis/ls apps. This schedule is a bit stressful, and I've also seen a bunch of threads about early graduates not faring too well in their admissions cycles. HOWEVER, I save my parents 66k, and they've said that they'll put that 66k into law school should I get into a T13 (meaning that law school will cost prob around 180-190k instead of 260k).

2) If I graduate on time, I'll have a lot more time to think out everything, to enjoy college, to get a double/triple major without any extra classes, gain work experience/be more involved in clubs, to take my time with prepping for the LSAT/possibly retake if I don't get a desirable score, to get a (possible?) boost in admissions, to study abroad in London, and so on and so forth. However, this comes at a hefty price-tag, and I don't know if it's worth it.

I'm leaning towards option one right now, because that's what most of the people I've asked agree with, coupled with a very slight personal preference. What's your opinion given the context? Any advice is appreciated!

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