How to Approach Waitlisted School Visit

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How to Approach Waitlisted School Visit

Postby jrk02013 » Tue Apr 17, 2018 2:10 pm

Hello! I was waitlisted at a few T5 schools for 2018 Fall. I am going to go visit while checking out another school that I was accepted to and feel good about on paper. I've also been waitlisted to other T5 schools. The response I get from T5 schools I've been waitlisted to is generally, "Sure, come visit. But it's self-guided and don't expect a meeting with anybody", which makes sense. But in this situation, how can I make an impression while visiting? Should I contact groups on my own? Unfortunately, I don't think I know any alumni (first-gen law student here), and I'm generally unsure of what to do. If I find my way into the admissions office, what kind of questions can I ask? Am I allowed to ask for tips on how/when to contact them? Also, should I contact them right afterwards and tell them what the visit was like for me? Any tips will help! If I missed another thread/forum, please let me know about it. Thanks so much. This forum is a lifesaver for people like me.

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