NYU vs. GULC vs. UCLA: scholarships??

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NYU vs. GULC vs. UCLA: scholarships??

Postby ND780 » Wed Apr 04, 2018 10:17 pm

Hello! This is my first post, so apologies if I have omitted any important information:

I applied very late in this cycle and I am just hearing back from schools now. I’ve been accepted at NYU, Georgetown, and UCLA. No scholarships yet, but UCLA would be in-state tuition. I also applied to University of Chicago but I have not heard back and never even received an interview request.

I have a 173 LSAT. I was educated in the UK and therefore do not have a college GPA, however I have the highest available mark (first class) from a reputable university in London. A first class is often equated to a 4.0, but the LSAC just ranked it ‘superior’.

I don’t have particularly strong softs — bartended in college, graduated last June and now I intern for a small non-profit law firm in San Diego.

I am extremely fortunate in terms of finances — at least the first two years of school, including living costs, will be covered. However, I still want to save as much as I possibly can. My goal at the moment is to work in Biglaw for at least a few years after I graduate.

My primary question is: how do I go about negotiating scholarships? Is this even possible for me? Furthermore, if I can’t get scholarships, do I wait another year and reapply earlier in the cycle? Is NYU at sticker a horrible decision even if it won’t put me in six-figure debt? I know I have high numbers but I am otherwise an extremely average candidate.

Any input would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

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