Should I P/F a major course?

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Should I P/F a major course?

Postby sonomaboy » Thu Mar 01, 2018 3:28 pm

For some context, I am a third year at a top three university (USNWR national university ranking). Basically I am looking at a B- for my major course and an almost guaranteed A and A- for the other two courses of the quarter. I have already taken three courses P/F. My situation is a little unique in that I have an idea of what my GPA would be heading into Law school applications next fall (I am studying abroad next quarter and the program is notorious for being a gpa booster). By doing the math, my LSAC gpa would be sitting at a 3.69 if I accept the B- or a 3.73 if I choose the P/F route. Is it worth it at this point?

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