Splitter Plan 2018-2019 Cycle

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Splitter Plan 2018-2019 Cycle

Postby RetakeX2000 » Tue Feb 27, 2018 10:43 pm

Today I decided to end my hopes of going to law school this year. I am currently sitting on a 3.5/165 and am now just under two years out of UG. Prior to the December test I was scoring consistently in the upper 160s to the lower 170s. I hit the disappointing score of 165 because I screwed up a logic game (-7). I also knew this was my weakest section going in and did not focus on it as much as I should have. I began studying again and hope to push my score range solely into the 170s by June. I should be able to do this and have a solid strategy to do so. I have decent softs: upward grade trend, leadership roles in UG, volunteer exp., WE, LORs, and what I believe to be a fairly compelling PS (all attributes that are nice but don't drive LS admission decisions).

I am also in a extremely lucky situation where money will not be a major factor in what school I attend: I have relatives that are willing to pay my tuition leaving me with just the bill for COL. This puts most schools at a near price parity. My plan, if I hit my goal on the June LSAT, is to apply ED to UVA as soon as the applications open. My backup is to apply ED to Penn during their first wave of ED applications and then blanket the lower T-14 through T-20 and some regionals around the Mid-Atlantic for safety. I know splitters have crazy cycles but I hope ED'ing will push me into a school I would not otherwise be able to attend.

I realize this is a little forward and I don't yet have that score in hand but I would like some feedback to confirm I'm not crazy for postponing another year. This community has been awesome and I thank you ahead of time for any advice you are willing to provide.

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