Specific question about Yale Post-College Activities

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Specific question about Yale Post-College Activities

Postby 140dot6 » Sun Feb 25, 2018 7:28 pm

Hello all, I'm new to the boards

I know questions have been posted before on the Post-College Activities submission for Yale. I reviewed them but have a specific question that was not directly addressed

To refresh, the prompt is as follows:

"If it has been more than three months since you attended college, describe what you have been doing in the interval. You should include graduate or professional education, paid or unpaid employment, as well as any other activities that you consider relevant. Please answer this question separately from any information provided in a résumé."

The word "describe" suggests this can take a narrative form. Which is the approach I took, providing roughly half a page of single spaced paragraphs, describing my 6 years since graduation.

My concern is, there are portions where I describe why I changed jobs/roles/industries (instead of just saying "and then I started at...x"). For the most recent career move, I cite the reason being a desire to serve the public interest by practicing law, elaborating briefly on the process, saying that I took a few months to research career paths and meet with friends who work in prosecution, advocacy, and public policy before committing all my time and resources to LSAT and law school preparation

My concern is if that last bit would be out of place on this submission? Is it providing more that what is asked? Should it instead go into the personal statement?

It is technically describing how I spent my time, but it also elaborates on my thought process. I'm just hoping the latter isn't misplaced.

Thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks!

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