CAS-LOR expiration/reactivation?

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CAS-LOR expiration/reactivation?

Postby maybealawyer12 » Fri Feb 16, 2018 9:16 pm

I graduated from university in 2013 and intended to immediately apply to law school. I had not yet taken the lsat but did have my transcripts/LORs sent to LSAC after purchasing the CAS. Now, 5 years later, after caring for 2 terminally ill parents and taking over their business I am finally in a place where I can do what I intended to do. I took the LSAT this month but if it isn't the score I hoped for will sit the cycle out and apply in Sept. My transcripts and old LORs are still listed in my account. Will the disappear/expire? Can I have them reactivated or kept on file if I pay to? I would not have any academic LORs if they do, just from employers. Because I look the LSAT it seems my account isn't "expiring" does this mean the transcripts/LORS will stay active? Any insight?

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