Stupid CAS/LOR question

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Stupid CAS/LOR question

Postby cuzzydunlop » Sat Jan 06, 2018 1:44 pm

I submitted my apps while my second LOR was still in process. My recommender submitted it this morning. I already assigned it to each my apps while it was still in progress and submitted it that way. Will my applications automatically update / my CAS be auto-generated at this point or is there something I need to do to trigger that?

As of now, my apps all show as "Transmitted" but unable to complete until my additional LOR is submitted (which happened this morning). I'm assuming there's just some time lag between when the LOR is submitted and when LSAC finalizes my report & LOR's to move my applications to complete on the LSAC website but just wanted to be sure there's nothing else I have to do.

Thank you!

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Re: Stupid CAS/LOR question

Postby personpitch » Sat Jan 06, 2018 2:25 pm

You're all good! If the second LOR is required by the school to which you're applying, the CAS report won't be sent until that LOR is processed. Once processed, the report will automatically be sent. From LSAC's Frequently Asked Questions:

Can my Credential Assembly Service (CAS) report be sent if all transcripts have not been received?
Your file must be complete in order for reports to be forwarded to the law schools. This means that all bachelor’s-level transcripts, as well as a valid LSAT score and any required letters of recommendation must be in your file before your report is sent to the schools. For schools requiring the authentication and evaluation feature of CAS, all transcripts—bachelor’s-level and graduate-level—must be on file.

If the school doesn't require 2 LORs, then a report with only the first LOR might be sent initially, but an updated report with the new LOR would be quickly sent once the new LOR is processed. However, since the second LOR is processing right now and you just transmitted the apps, I'm not sure if the system would just hold off sending the initial report until the second LOR is ready or not. Here's the relevant FAQ:

When will law school(s) receive my letter(s) of recommendation?
They may be sent when your file is complete or at a later date dependent upon the preferences of each law school. Letter(s) received by LSAC after law school(s) receive your initial Credential Assembly Service report will also be sent to school(s) in accordance with their unique needs and as long as the admission term is still current.

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