Sent an email to a wrong school

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Sent an email to a wrong school

Postby steadfastness11 » Fri Oct 27, 2017 8:55 am

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I was writing the same email saying that I need to update my resume to two schools, B and M. The first email was a reply to an email sent from M. Because of my dumbass stupidity, rather than writing a new letter, I simply put B as a bcc for the email itself was very generic. After I sent my email, I checked it again in my “sent” mailbox. An entire history of the emails sent back and forth between M and me were also sent to B.
The email said sth like” M is my first choice and I want my app to be reviewed blah blah blah” and I think this will really have a negative impact on my application for B.

Would my app be instantly sent to trash? Would this be an instant app-killer

B is my number one School. I am actually even EDing the school and wrote the Why x essay as well.

I sent the right email to B right away, but I think B will probably read what I wrote to M.

Do you think I should send an apology? I almost cried after seeing what I have done...

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Re: Sent an email to a wrong school

Postby MikeSpivey » Fri Oct 27, 2017 9:03 am

I would and say sorry for being careless it's not something that is my style at all, and then deeply apologize. Just be concise and very pleasant and then move on. Happens thousands of times a cycle. You are fine.

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