NYU Application - Should I include a diversity statement?

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NYU Application - Should I include a diversity statement?

Postby ttl1989 » Sat Oct 14, 2017 8:32 pm

Hi, I'm a first-timer here and I just have a question about the NYU application that I'm hoping some of you here can help me with.

NYU seems unique among the schools I'm applying to in that their diversity/optional essay does not sound open-ended. First, they ask you if you are a URM. As an Asian, I chose no. (If you say yes, they invite you to attach a brief statement discussing it.) They also have a separate optional essay prompt, but they seem to heavily imply that it should only be used for mitigating circumstances. They list factors such as disabilities, past difficulties with academics or standardized tests, socioeconomic disadvantage, etc., and go on to say that while that list isn't exclusive, they're offering the list to think about as you consider whether such information might be relevant in your case.

I have a standard DS that somewhat touches on ethnicity but is primarily about, as an atypical older law school applicant, my experiences in between college and now. Would anyone recommend that I send this to NYU? If they deem it irrelevant, would it count against my application? Could someone who's already sent in their application shed some light on how they approached this?

Thank you very much for any advice you can give me, all.

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