Splitter - Please help!

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Splitter - Please help!

Postby par283 » Wed Oct 11, 2017 10:13 pm

GPA - 2.9
LSAT - 168

Struggling where to apply. Do I have any shot at Georgetown, Notre Dame, Ohio State, Wash St. Louis? I know I'm not getting in at any T14, but what schools should I be considering with these numbers? I'm not adverse to retaking, but will another point or two really affect my shot at getting in anywhere? My softs are decent but nothing incredible, I've been out just about a year and have been working as a paralegal.

Please help!

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Re: Splitter - Please help!

Postby UVA2B » Wed Oct 11, 2017 10:19 pm

170+ with a 2.9 could get you NU or UVA, so yes a retake could help.

And with your current numbers, you have a shot at the schools you listed.

That doesn't get at the root of what your question should be: what job do you want and where do you want to do it? It's hard to do, but pull yourself away from USNWR and start thinking seriously about what career you want following law school and where you want that career to start. That will be entirely more determinative in picking a school than where you can get in.

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