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Re: Critique my law school options list

Postby albanach » Thu Sep 28, 2017 9:27 am wrote:
So I took Blueprint Online for six months and took around 15-20 tests. I don't have access to my scores anymore and took the Feb test so I don't have access to the real test either.

Second time around I bought Powerscore Bibles and finished the three. I took notes every chapter. I also bought LSAT Trainer, which I finished in the last month, since I started freaking out that a month before the real test I wasn't seeing much improvement. Fortunately, this time I have access to the scores I was getting on my PTs and the real test I took in June. I have attached my PT scores. Basically my highest was 162 once with 3 161s, but mostly in the 150s.

So for most folk, I'd say the bibles and tutorials here are sufficient. You clearly have some gap though. This is a learnable test - you might not be able to hit 99th percentile, but you can definitely score higher. The advice above about finding a competent tutor is good.

You might spend a couple of thousand on a tutor, but if you really want to go to law school, you should recoup that many times over. If you can't get a higher LSAT score even with a tutor, you might want to give a lot of thought to whether law school is the right choice for you. Even with a full scholarship, law school is expensive. If your cost of living is $22k a year, that's $66k in debt to attend schools that in no way guarantee you a future as a practicing attorney.

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