convert regular application to early decision? LSAC policy

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convert regular application to early decision? LSAC policy

Postby sadieshadow » Fri Sep 08, 2017 12:44 pm

I have read here on TLS that one can convert a regular admission application to early decision (binding) by signing the agreement AFTER submitting the initial (regular) application. (I also read that on NYU website).

However, on LSAC's website:

Set forth below is a section from the LSAC Statement of Good Admission and Financial Aid Practices:

Binding Early Decision
A binding early decision plan is one under which an applicant and a law school mutually agree at the initial point of application that the applicant will be given an admission decision at a date earlier than usual....

The key word here seems to be INITIAL point of application.

This seems relevant to me as one could put out a regular application and hope for a regular reply and during that period of time decide to sign the agreement and convert to early decision. . .

I don't even know if applying ED is an advantage other than for UVA as they have the 15 business day turnaround . . .

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