C&F addendum-

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C&F addendum-

Postby temp0r » Sun Jun 18, 2017 8:13 am

temp account-
LSAT- 175
GPA- 3.57

C&F problem- got suspended from first undergrad for drinking in the residence hall while on behavioral probation (fall 2014)

C&F addendum as it reads now-
At [x university] in my second semester, Spring of 2014, I was subject to probation and temporary withdrawal from the college following an incident where along with several friends, I had consumed psychoactive substances and had to reported an overdose. No criminal charges were filed, but the incident deeply affected me, resulting in a heavy depression that I dealt with in an emotionally immature way, using alcohol as a crutch for my feelings of inadequacy and failure. Returning to [x university], I was caught in one of the residence halls with alcohol, and indefinitely suspended while receiving inpatient treatment for a serious manic depressive incident. It was the single most profoundly shameful moment in my life, and the turning point that helped shape my perspective and motivate me to overcome my addiction. Since that incident in October of 2014, I have remained completely sober, paid my own way through college and supplemented my time volunteering at both homeless and women’s shelters to help those most vulnerable to the pressures of substance abuse.

I have kept in contact with the dean of [x university] who is willing to write the addendum note attachment to the t-14's that need it, I graduate in ~1 semester, but would like to see if this addendum is adequate, or if I'm completely out of the running for a CCN or even T-14 in general. (if you're wondering why I got put on behavioral probation for reporting an overdose, I went to college in one of the ~10 states that doesn't have a good samaritan non-disclosure law, which sucked, but also I fully accept that I was an idiot kid and that all of these problems are 100% my fault)


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Re: C&F addendum-

Postby cavalier1138 » Sun Jun 18, 2017 8:20 am

I'd shorten this up and limit it to the facts. Lots of college students do drugs and get caught drinking in the residence halls. Those aren't red flags for admissions committees. But manic depression and addiction are red flags. I don't see any need to volunteer that information, since your standalone offense reports won't include it.

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Re: C&F addendum-

Postby guynourmin » Sun Jun 18, 2017 11:00 am

Yeah, I would think you definitely do not want to submit anything close to this. You give up too much information and not the right information (as Cavalier noted, don't mention depression or addiction, but also I would think don't mention what kind of drugs you were on if you can avoid it, but based on this I honestly cannot tell).

First, it is unclear why you were put on probation/temporary withdrawal. "following an incident" isn't a reason! There was a reason. State it. You don't state what it is right now. If it was because you were around when the overdose was reported then you don't have to mention that you were high. If it was because you were high, you don't have to mention the overdose. Possibly it is a combination of the two, but you can still clean it up a lot. Likely you can avoid using the word "overdose" entirely.

Second, you were indefinitely suspended not just because you were drinking in the residence hall, but because you were drinking in the residence hall while still on probation from the previous incident, correct? I gather that based on your problem summary, but it is not at all clear that is the case based on the addendum you've provided. If that is the case, you need to state it.

Also, since these are two separate incidents, I think you should put them in two separate paragraphs.

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