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Re: JD for international

Postby AJordan » Tue Jun 13, 2017 8:56 am

ghytu48 wrote:
AJordan wrote:Useful Advice: If you want to mine research go to lawschoolnumbers.com and search individual profiles for international students. Here is the link to one such student who got in a bunch of good places but didn't list scholarship information. Maybe shoot a pm. I think this individual is on TLS as well: http://lawschoolnumbers.com/galeatus

The rest is me talking out my ass.

Law schools want students who are going to 1) raise their medians/75%s (you don't) and 2) pass the bar and be happy with their employment outcomes. This is also strike against you as they aren't entirely sure you're going to be able to stay in the country, let alone pass the bar. They also have to dump scholarships on people they are more sure are going to do those things.

You're also, unfortunately, likely competing with a bunch of applicants with similar numbers who are willing to pay full cost. If a school accepts, let's say, 20% applicants internationally (I have no idea what the number is). T-13 total class size is, what, 4000? So, of 800 international applicants (and this looks high) you're competing against a certain number with better numbers/applications and a certain number who are willing to pay full costs, some are probably in both boats. I have trouble believing that in this financial environment law schools are going to offer money to these applicants before they just accept them and see if they're willing to pay full price. The money offsets the downside of the student likely not being able to stay in the country and work and/or raise numbers for the school.

That's not even considering just how difficult a 170+ is to get. The LSAT is a significant investment and only you can decide if it's right or not for you. I would recommend buying the powerscore books and one of the prep test books and seeing if you're hitting high 160s before you even decide to make the full leap here. This would keep your initial investment low.

Bottom line, and this is with no inside knowledge of you or the system whatsoever, your chances are slim to none of receiving a full ride scholarship.

But on the other hand
Nontative, international (diversity), LSAT 175 (178-180), GPA 3.9/4 (yes, not from US). Is it not the kind of students top Schools want? No sholarship, but maybe admission to H/Y and then institution loans without cosigner?

The first step is free. Google the June 2007 LSAT and take it under simulated conditions. You're making a 175 sound a helluva lot easier than it is. I think you've got next to no chance. One way to prove me wrong...

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