I want to go into private practice because ________.

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I want to go into private practice because ________.

Postby remtalk » Sat Mar 25, 2017 5:23 pm

I have been grappling with this question for a few weeks. I am interested in working in a particular small city that has about 5-6 well-respected midsize firms of 100+ attorneys. To do this, I can go on a full ride to the regional TTT (in the midwest, don't want to get too specific) where all of these firms do OCI. At admitted students day, I mentioned to a professor that I wanted to someday work at one of those firms in particular. Next thing I know, a partner from the firm who is an alum of the school emails me and offers to answer questions about the law school (read: not about the firm?).

I have no more questions about the school. What I do have questions about is that firm, its recruiting practices (would they prefer T1 or the very local T3), and how I can start working towards a SA position there. Would it be premature to ask about this as a 0L? Should I not ask the partner about choosing a law school and working at his firm if he is contacting me in his capacity as an alum of the school?

This all evokes a question that has come up repeatedly for me, which is how do I express interest in a firm or practice type when the primary motivating factor is to make a good living? For me, living and working in this particular small city is the priority, and I would rather do well for myself (ie. work for a midsize firm), instead of work in public interest. Obviously, I can't give "earn a higher salary" as my reason. To anyone out there who has had to complete either of the following statements before, what did you say?:

"I want to go into private practice instead of public interest because_________."
"I want to work at your midsize firm instead of the other comparable midsize firms in your city because_________."

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Re: I want to go into private practice because ________.

Postby Johann » Sat Mar 25, 2017 6:08 pm

midsize firms pride themselves on being more entreperneurial than large firms - more client contant early on, better experience early on, but on the flip side more responsibility to network and possibly drum up business earlier than necessary in biglaw.

i think its fine to ask if he recommends taking any classes in order to position yourself best to be hired by afirm like his
i would not ask if he prefers T1 or TTT or whatever -- seems a bit self conscious

its also fine to have a couple reasons for preferring client service at a midsize firm with one of those being money. it is far weirder as someone that interviews people when people try to run from the money answer. own it. its fine. so i guess id put back the question back to you - why do you want to work 9-9 (avg) at one of these firms? why has this been something youve dreamed about for a long time? there must be something appealing about it? if its only money, you need to think longer and harder about it. but its fine if money is 1 of a couple reasons.

and as to the specific firm - that depends on their culture. show you understand their culture and what they do. hopefully you like the people there. . .

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