I want your opinion and thoughts.

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I want your opinion and thoughts.

Postby Pizza14 » Thu Dec 22, 2016 4:55 am


I'm currently a senior standing student studying Chem. Engineering. I hate it completely and I've been put on academic suspension due to low grades. Its not surprising considering the lack of motivation I've had this past year. I've got two semesters to figure out what to do before I go back to school. I've been studying the LSATs on and off for a year now and -honestly- I like it. I've seen my scores raise from the low 150s. I've taken five tests and on the last two I've gotten 161 timed. I've been thinking about applying to law school after graduation.

I've been reading forum posts here and the general consensus is "T14 or bust". I know NW is probably the only possible choice, IF I get a 170+ and with work experience. Is switching majors at this point helpful if it would raise my GPA? I've read posts and its like, but I want thoughts from the community in my specific circumstance.


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Re: I want your opinion and thoughts.

Postby cavalier1138 » Thu Dec 22, 2016 7:23 am

The consensus is not "T14 or bust". The consensus is that you should go to the school that gives you the best chance at reaching your goals for the best price you can. And since most people come here without a clear goal and/or want to do biglaw, that often means going to a T14 school.

So what are your career goals? What is your actual GPA at present?

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