Sending LOCIs, updated resumes, and LORs

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Sending LOCIs, updated resumes, and LORs

Postby smashbash » Wed Dec 21, 2016 1:38 am

I've been WL to 2 schools so far and I don't expect them to be the only ones. In terms of timing for sending additional documents, I was hoping I could get some opinions. I just got a new job working for the State, so I want to send an updated resume... and I also want to send some LOCIs. And after maybe 3 months have my new supervisor write up a LOR.

Should I send the updated resume and LOCI together? Or should I send them a couple of weeks apart so the adcomms are being reminded of me every couple of weeks? Also, how long after being WL should one send a LOCI? I'm also planning on visiting at least one of the schools in March.

BTW, if there is a comprehensive post that goes over this stuff pls direct me-- I haven't been able to find one dealing with timelines for WLers.

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Re: Sending LOCIs, updated resumes, and LORs

Postby KMart » Wed Dec 21, 2016 4:05 am

I just sent the updated resume with a LOCI in the body of the email. Also, I'd respond to the WL email and just say you remain interested and why (basically a LOCI).

It's kind of a black box and really a guessing game. Try and relax; best of luck!

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