How do I approach this?

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How do I approach this?

Postby Hattabaugh » Tue Nov 29, 2016 10:13 pm

After graduating in 2008 with a 3.6 at a good regional private school in a humanities major with good softs, I delayed law school to take a job offer as a project manager for a small telecom company in the rural city where my spouse (who I married that same year) was born and raised.

After working for two years, I took the LSAT and made a 163. In 2010 I applied and enrolled in a local Tier 4 law school with a full scholarship and attended part time for one semester before dropping out in good standing (I took 2 courses and got a B- and C+). In the middle of that semester I was promoted to general manager of the company and put in charge of all day to day operations.

I continued to work in that position and then in 2014 I enrolled in another tier 4 school part time under a full scholarship because of their flexible schedules. It just so happened that a merger had just taken place in which a larger company bought the company I was general manager of and I was retained. During the semester I was given more and more responsibility at the new company until I began to manage several departments which was more responsibility than I had before, given the increased size of the new company. During that semester I made an A and B- in the two classes I took. During the next semester it was announced that the campus I was attending was closing and I felt this made it unreasonable for me to continue because I would have to commute much further to another campus and did not have the ability to balance the added commute and 2 kids, wife, and a demanding management position. So I withdrew.

I am still working and have a decent role and situation. Also over the last few years I've become very involved in the local business and charitable community, taking leadership positions on numerous boards.

My passion is still to go to law school and practice corporate law and litigation. I'm 33 and I'm willing to give up my comfortable job to follow this dream. I would be remiss if I didn't admit that I'm disappointed that I went twice to law school for a semester and dropped. It shows inconsistency, undependability. And also I may not have been as equipped emotionally and in the art of balancing work with personal and family life as I am now.

I'm ready to go full time. I believe I can study again and do much better on the LSAT and myself and my family are willing to move anywhere to go to the best law school I get into. And we will be financially prepared to go the distance.

What kind of reaction am I going to get from adcomms when they see my record and drops at tier 4 law schools? My goal is T14.

I appreciate any and all feedback. 'I don't want to invest all this time and energy to test and apply and have my family sacrifice if my past record is a disqualifier.

I know the adcomms will say apply and that they look at the whole applicant.

But I want to know the raw truth.


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Re: How do I approach this?

Postby cavalier1138 » Wed Nov 30, 2016 6:15 am

This seems like a situation where an admissions consultant will certainly be worth the extra money. Your background is unique enough that I don't think anyone can tell you how this will play out with adcomms, except that it's probably not going to help.

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