Waiting for September score.. What should I be doing now?

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Waiting for September score.. What should I be doing now?

Postby trqdor » Thu Oct 06, 2016 5:16 pm

I'm currently waiting for my score to come out, but I hope to submit applications ASAP. This is my situation: I currently do not have a score I am happy with. In fact, if I don't score well enough this September, I am not going to law school altogether (retake is not in the books since this was the 4th time for me). I have one LOR ready and submitted from last year when I thought I was applying, but decided not to because of the sub-par LSAT score mentioned before. The second LOR writer is waiting for me to give her the go-ahead to complete her LOR (she put it on hold after I told her I wasn't applying last cycle). I am also leaning toward getting a third LOR from the firm I spent two years at.

I am in the middle of writing personal statements and why-x supplements for the schools I plan on applying to.

What should I be doing for the next two weeks as I wait for the score to come out? Should I sign up/pay for CRS? Should I reach out to my recommenders? Should I get an updated LOR for the one submitted last year? Anything else?


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Re: Waiting for September score.. What should I be doing now?

Postby BradyBunch » Thu Oct 06, 2016 6:03 pm

Hey! You need to finish as much of the application process as you can! Lets say your score comes back and its the score that you wanted, you don't want to scramble in order to get in your applications . If I were you, I would get in contact with my recommenders and have them finish your letters. This way you give them 2 weeks to work on it. Next I would go in and fill out all the background/biographical info on each app. Do as much as you can now. Then after that I would finish my personal statement and other essays. I would also use this time to make sure your transcripts are up to date. Get as much done as you can so once the score comes back you only need to finish 20% of your applications instead of doing everything all at once. This will also allow you to send in your apps early and have a higher chance of acceptance. Hope that helps!


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Re: Waiting for September score.. What should I be doing now?

Postby tskela » Thu Oct 06, 2016 6:26 pm

btw, anything before thanksgiving is considered an early application. so you could probably work on apps for several weeks after you get your score back

that's what i'm doing anyways cause i can't get motivated to work on apps without knowing my score lol

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