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LOR help

Postby thisIsMyTLSBurner » Sat Oct 01, 2016 1:37 am

I'm actually here pretty often, but I'm on my phone and couldn't find the anon y mouse option. Anyhow...

I have a prof writing a LOR, but I am far enough out that I think a not having professional one would be weird. Here's my issue with that: I'm at a family firm (not terribly happy there at this point and I just can't see myself here ten years from now...hense moving on) and don't really work under anyone that doesn't share my last name. Would it be okay to have someone that technically works under me (not someone that I boss around) write a LOR (GM of a hotel)? The most accurate depiction of the relationship would almost be me acting as a consultant for the property (ad hoc projects and the such).

Due to this, should I aim for a second academic LOR for three in total?

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