Law School Resume and Personal Statement Upload

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Law School Resume and Personal Statement Upload

Postby Nuhopeful2017 » Sun Aug 21, 2016 9:12 am


Sorry if this is a stupid question but is there a spot on our lsac account where we can upload our law school resume and personal statement similarly to how our lor are uploaded (i.e. uploaded centrally to our lsac account and then foisted off to individual schools when applying rather than uploading them to each individual school while completing the school's application).

I can't find an upload spot on my lsac account and while the FAQ leaves it a little ambiguous it seems to lean heavily towards the uploading docs for each individual app side.

From the LSAC FAQ

>You can create personal statements, résumés, and any other required documents in word-processing programs (such as Microsoft Word, WordPerfect, Notepad, and so forth) and attach them to your applications. The file name must not contain spaces or special characters. To upload and attach your files, select the attachment type in the Attachments section of the application, click Browse, choose the file you would like to attach, enter a title in the Describe file field, then click Attach. You can attach files in the following formats: DOC, HTM, HTML, TXT, WP, WPD, RTF, WPS, WPT, DOCX, PDF.
It is important that the description of your written statements convey information regarding the content so that if you wish to edit or delete a written statement in the future, it will be easily identifiable. Law schools do not see the name of your attached documents.

I thought I would ask and see if anyone who had already gone through the application process could shed any light on the proper way to upload these documents.

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Re: Law School Resume and Personal Statement Upload

Postby theconsigliere » Sun Aug 21, 2016 9:16 am

Open up a specific school's application and on the list of required parts of the app there will be a "personal statement" section. Open that section and upload it there

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Re: Law School Resume and Personal Statement Upload

Postby LegallyBlackJD » Sun Aug 21, 2016 7:53 pm

You'll have to upload it to each individual application. Once the application opens, you'll see that there is a specific section in each application for your resume, personal statement, and other optional essays.

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