Character and Fitness Advice

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Character and Fitness Advice

Postby Marlin5 » Fri May 08, 2015 7:18 pm

Hey guys. Just a quick question about Character and Fitness.

I applied to three schools and got accepted into my top choice. On the Character and Fitness, I disclosed some stuff that happened to me within the past year (nothing major) thinking that was it. Of course in my idiocy, I thought C&F was only relative since I was 18, so I freaked out and sent a disclosure about my juvenile history to the school that accepted me. The problem is is that I was so focused on getting into my top choice, I completely forgot to send the updated disclosure to the rest of the schools I applied to. It wasn't until I heard a back from them (one denial and one waitlist) that I realized my mistake in forgetting to send the updated disclosures to them. Is this a concern, like an LSAC regularity or something that could bring me trouble when I apply to sit for the BAR? I hear horror stories and I would rather not be one of those stories, especially since this was not my intention at all. Any advice on what to do, if there's anything to do?



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Re: Character and Fitness Advice

Postby criminaltheory » Fri May 08, 2015 8:19 pm

The bar will ask the school you attend for your application, so as long as they have everything you should be fine. Talk to a dean of students when you're there if you are still anxious about it and want to make sure they have all the info, but no need to worry about the schools you just applied to but didn't attend. Congrats on getting your top choice!

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