Seat deposits and one other question

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Seat deposits and one other question

Postby Ibelieve » Wed Apr 15, 2015 1:09 pm

So I know you are allowed to remain on waitlists after a initial seat deposit, but you aren't required to withdraw from other applications you are waiting for or other acceptances at this time, are you? That would seem pretty ridiculous considering the amount of $ it costs just to apply to schools.

Also, I have a scholarship from the school I plan on putting a seat deposit at, but I'm also thinking about taking the LSAT in June in a last attempt to get off a waitlist/see how much I can improve. I won't get the results in July, obviously. Lets say hypothetically I do really well, and don't get off the waitlists, but think if I applied next cycle I would have a better chance. I would have already paid the second seat deposit at this point for the school, but obviously not tuition yet. Would I be screwed if I decide i no longer plan on attending the school I put both seat deposits at because of how much my LSAT improved? i'm not talking about a seat-despoit(s) refund, as I know they are both non-refundable. But in terms of commitment -- does it ever become binding? Do scholarship offers throw a wrench into that equation and make it binding at some point?

Thanks everyone in advance for any help, and sorry if these questions are noob-y.

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Re: Seat deposits and one other question

Postby ILoveYou » Wed Apr 15, 2015 4:08 pm

Not unless the school specifically stipulates that, which I have not encountered. Plenty of people deposit multiple places. Ultimately, even things that are "binding" aren't. Worst case with "binding" programs is you have to withdraw all apps and reapply next year. Example: my very first cycle I made the mistake of EDing to a school that required me to withdraw all other apps. I ended up not wanting to attend once I visited and dug a bit deeper into the employment prospects. I had even paid my deposit when I decided to sit out and reapply. You can always back out of attending the school, for any reason or none at all. Hth.


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Re: Seat deposits and one other question

Postby JFO1833 » Thu Apr 16, 2015 9:27 am

Here are the rules:

No school can require you withdraw from schools where:

A) You are waitlisted
B) You are waiting on an initial decision

However, schools can require you withdraw from all schools where you have already been accepted. Some do this, others do not. I know, for example, that Columbia threatens to pull offers of admission in the case of double deposits. Some schools participate in the "commitment overlap service" provided by LSAC which tells them if you have deposited at more than one school and can pull your offer as a result. USC does this for example.

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