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Re: Is it okay to not submit an updated transcript until...

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Re: Is it okay to not submit an updated transcript until...

Postby Cap263 » Sat Jan 10, 2015 2:45 am

follow the instructions. You wrote them in bold. Do what it says quite literally. That's how a lawyer would do it. There isn't really any question here about what the instruction says to do.

Re: your individual questions

Does this mean I have to submit that updated report now or can they wait till April?
-Do it quickly. The instruction doesn't say to what or "submit at will." It says "submit." Like, now

Can law schools refuse to give a decision until I send the updated report?
-The law schools can do whatever they want. Do you think there's any rule about "must give a decision now"? Hell no there is not. It's their party and they'll do whatever they please

PS, don't goto law school it's terrible

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