JD/LLM in Tax NYU/Gtown admissions

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JD/LLM in Tax NYU/Gtown admissions

Postby OutoftheWoods » Wed Nov 26, 2014 1:16 am

Anyone know how competitive admissions is for an accelerated JD/LLM in Tax from NYU or GTown? depending on how i do on my tax class this semester i may pursue it. i dont like the law school im at currently. obviously i want to kick ass in tax but knowing admissions wouldnt be a stretch of the imagination for me would be great, or even knowing its really hard will allow me to not stress out about this exam too much.

i know the normal LLM isn't so crazy competitive but not sure how these accelerated programs are. so, im top 1/3rd at a T20 w/ LR. any chance at all?

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