Disability/other (?) softs - chance at Stanford w 172/3.61?

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Disability/other (?) softs - chance at Stanford w 172/3.61?

Postby Torgo » Sat Jul 12, 2014 10:58 pm

I know my numbers wouldn't stand a chance under normal circumstances, but according to people on this forum Stanford places a premium on softs (and maybe diversity in particular?), so...

I had a normal white, middle-class upbringing, except for a rare birth defect that has left me with severely stunted arms. I haven't "overcome" my disability except by learning to challenge preconceptions of dependency and living a relatively normal life. It's certainly given me what I feel is a different perspective on the world. (Sympathizing with the underdogs, etc.) My dad also has this defect, and his experience has shaped my perspective.

Other softs: I have four years consulting experience in DC, and took off four years in between to do two years of AmeriCorps in Montana, followed by to years in grad school there. I went to Montana in part to challenge my fears of being confined to a white-collar world by my disability.

I've read varying opinions in this forum on the effect of disability on admissions. Some say it confers no advantage, some that you have to do something extraordinary to "overcome" it. So I would appreciate thoughts viz. Stanford.


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