Transcript disclosure

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Transcript disclosure

Postby allylou29 » Fri Jan 17, 2014 11:18 am

I've read over and over again the fine print on the transcript request I wrong to assume to that if I only attended one semester at an overseas non-accredited "med" school, I don't have to send that transcript in right? It was a last minute decision sort of thing, went there to see what med school was like, left after one semester. Technically, they have no way of knowing I ever attended there right?

Thanks guys!


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Re: Transcript disclosure

Postby TigerDude » Fri Jan 17, 2014 2:23 pm

since the rest of us aren't poring over the fine print, we probably can't answer.

But expect to get expelled if you are admitted after not disclosing something you should have & get caught.

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